NSA Coop program and weed

Hey there,

I’m a fairly older guy in college studying cyber security and I recently got an email from the NSA saying I might be a good fit for their Coop program. I’d love to apply but I did smoke some weed with my neighbors last June and have probably used weed about 15-20 times in my lifetime. Should I hold off on applying until at least a year has gone by? I have cut contact with those neighbors and people in my life that use weed.

If that usage last June was just a one-time thing and the other 15-20 times were some time in the past (like over two years ago), I’d say go ahead and apply. No guarantees of course but if everything else is clean (no debts that are past due or in collections, no criminal record, no extensive foreign contacts) it is probably worth a shot.

You probably should wait until July or August to apply. That application signature date gets rather important when considering situations like this. For the most part you need a full yr of no illegal drug interaction/ use as well as misuse of prescription medication. You also need to distance yourself from the users. Mitigation is possible if there has been at least 12 months from the last time used and no interaction with the criminal element. Your everyday surroundings, activities and purpose for being will need to show more than just a little spring cleaning took place: behavioral shift, mindset change and a fresh outlook is what you will aim to present when describing your modius opperandi thanks to the year you’ve been free of such illegal activity.

Regular drug use (more than two experiences) of any format is more difficult to mitigate. The Ws become a hyper focus and must be fully addressed.

Don’t bother using the term “experimental” when reporting more than two instances of illegal drug use and for certain the claim that it’s legal in the state or country use took place is not acceptable either.