ODNI won't cross over clearance!

2 years ago, I applied for a position with a prime contractor on an ODNI contract. At the time, ODNI refused to cross over my clearance, stating I had an “unadjudicated investigation”. I went to the PSD at the agency where I was working at the time. I had changed contracts/employers the year before during a PR with this agency. I had been assured by PSD at that time that everything would be completed. However, the agency completed the PR, did NOT adjudicate it, and switched me to Continuous Evaluation. PSD admitted their error, took over a year to adjudicate the PR (in my favor). Of course, the ODNI contract position was gone. The same contracting company recently offered me another position on an ODNI contract. This time ODNI came back and said there was “unadjudicated information” and refused to cross over.

I have had 2 other job offers for different ODNI contract position and both times, ODNI has used the same reason (excuse?) for not crossing over my clearance!

I contacted PSD at my agency AGAIN. They stated there was nothing in my clearance record that was not adjudicated and nothing preventing a crossover.

I honestly don’t know who to believe. I’ve never had a violation! Not taken my phone in a SCIF. Never taken documents out of a SCIF. Never spilled. Nothing.

This is having an incredibly negative impact on my career. And what bothers me almost as much as that is there seems to be ZERO accountability in this process. I’ve never had an issue with a cross over! I’ve worked on several contracts at several IC partners and never had an issue with a cross over until now.

Three questions:

  1. Is every cross over going to be refused? Not just by the ODNI?
  2. Do I need to get a lawyer to fight this?
  3. Should I give up, sell my house, and leave the area?
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