OF-306 Purpose and Application to Suitability and Current Agency



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The previous OF-306 didn’t ask the same question, they can’t accuse of not answering it truthfully.


This is an OPM form so OPM certainly will be able to see your previous submissions. I may be mistaken, but your agency’s HR office see them as well. If past few years are any indication, agencies are aggressively disciplining those who have falsified OF-306. Depending on your employment status, you could be disciplined ranging from reprimand to termination.

So, you can either ride out the intentional falsification or come clean. I would consider it intentional falsification rather than accidental because you knew and submitted subsequent OF-306 without correcting it. If it were up to me, I would have reviewed previously submitted OF-306 to be sure. If it remains the case, I would’ve consulted an attorney that specializes in federal employment issues before notifying HR. Either way, attorney will be my first stop before going to HR.

Yes, getting attorney will cost you, but it beats having derogatory information in personnel file.


You may not have knowingly falsified the form, but you knew the information was false and did not correct the information.

There was a Merit System Protection Board (MSPB) case some time ago, in which the employee falsified OF-306. He was disclosed the information during the background investigation and was favorably adjudicated. However, he lost his case and was disciplined (two-week suspension instead of removal). It became a two-week suspension because his agency failed to try to circumvent the Douglas factors. That was one case, but I’ve seen similar cases which employees lost their jobs, hence the advice. Regardless, it is your call.


Thank u wood.
The investigation should only go back 5 years…right? For a reinvestigation? Isnt 30 years outside the scope?