OJT Trainer complaints

On the job trainer is a very experienced investigator, certainly knows the job well and has great numbers. However, is not a good teacher at all. Talks a LOT, but mostly rambles about ‘what-ifs’ on stuff he’s never even seen in his career. Anything I need to know I have to ask about, then try to find the answer in the five to eight minute tangent of speech that spirals off. In a full week of training, I have done one Interview and picked up two records. How do I handle this? I feel like the team leader needs to know, but as I am brand new, how do I address this? Trainer is super nice, no personality conflicts at all; I’m simply just not learning how to do this job effectively.

I would sit and explain your learning style to them. Tell them to save the what ifs for round two. Right now you need learn the how do I accomplish this and what am I looking for steps.

This is not uncommon. Experience does not make someone a good trainer. Talk to your team lead and ask if you can get someone else.