Old security violations

Is it my responsibility to have artifacts/information for old security incidents?

During my background investigation, I admitted that I had two security violations from 10 and 12 years ago. I couldn’t remember the names of the individuals I reported the violations to and if I signed any documents pertaining to the counseling session that I reported I had for the violations. This came up as an issue in a SOR. The agency in which the violations occurred is not one where you can call and ask for old security artifacts. I assumed that the investigators would have easier access to that information. When pressed for those artifacts, I stated that they would have to contact the agency security. Specifically, that I do not know who/where to get that information.

Any advice on how I address this since it is in the SOR?

Send a FOIA request to the agency in question.

A FOIA request MAY get you what you need but will likely take longer than you have to respond to the SOR.

I would write up the incident as best you can. Look at the mitigating factors list in the guidelines. Discuss the mitigating factors that apply and provide as much information and documentation as can. Include the fact that you have made a FOIA request and even include a copy of the request with your response. This will help to show that you aren’t afraid of anything that could be in there.

The judge that will make the decision doesn’t expect you to have copies of security documents from 10 or 12 years ago. You can still mitigate the issue with what you can show today.

10-12 years ago? Unless you COMPLETELY disregarded the organization’s security rules, and have a pattern of doing so, those issues should be mitigated by time. I’m guessing this isn’t for a DoD clearance…