Online Dating Sites, Sextortion, and Your Clearance

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Online dating sites are a popular way for people to search out and meet others for dating and socializing. As is usually the case, there are also those who exploit the originally intended use of the sites for more nefarious purposes. Scammers use legitimate dating sites to make contact with unsuspecting site members, some of…

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You mean all those gorgeous Russian women are NOT anxious to meet me?


They MAY be . . . I think Marko is just recommending caution . . . Now, I have to reply to that Nigerian Prince . . .


I would suspect that “Tinder” might be a particularly wise site to avoid.

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I had Gordon Brown (former British PM) once send me a notice requesting me to assist him with some multi-million pound transaction involving the transfer of funds…

I don’t know why, but I somehow just never got around to responding to him.

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