OPM/CSRA Letter Received


I received an email from CSRA Security on April 11, 2018 saying my clearance process had gone into administrative review and asked if I wanted to continue processing or not. I replied to the email as instructed and declined to be further processed as I have a job elsewhere now. Fast forward to today May 21, 2018: I received a letter from OPM that is basically a SOR, it has accusations I can admit or deny and extra pages for me to provide responses. It also says that I have 30 days from the date of the letter which is April 26, 2018. OPM sent the letter to the wrong address and I am just receiving it now. The document also says if I do not respond the fitness determination will be final. There is no phone number to call and every POC as CSRA will not call me back or reply to emails. Please help, I do not know what to do. I do not want to be considered for this position and I do not want to have this negatively affect my current clearance I use elsewhere.

Then I suggest you REPLY to the letter. You still have 5 days to write it and FedEx it back.

It sounds like your investigation involved material falsification, which OPM retains jurisdiction over instead of letting the requesting agency adjudicate. This means if found unsuitable of unfit, you would be barred for up to a period of three years from being eligible to apply for any federal position. Take it seriously even if you no longer want a position right now.