OPM CVS Record and Adjudication

How much weight does a prior unfavorable adjudication from another federal agency impact the final adjudication decision.

50%… How would we know? It’s obviously going to play a factor, it just depends on how much other derogatory information you have on your record. It will be up to the adjudicator that picks up your case. There’s no way any of us can tell you exactly your chances. There isn’t many adjudicators on this forum.

We really can’t tell and it will vary wildly. Whatever you were reject for will be looked at closely. If it was financial issues that you cleaned up and have kept clean it should have little effect. If is was convictions for a series of gas station holdups, you’re going to have a serious issue. If it’s something in between . . . .

If you have not mitigated the prior reasons for the denial, you will be denied again.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve been working at a federal agency for about 4 years but I am currently trying to switch to another agency with similar duties but carries a higher clearance level. On my FOIA request I did a couple years ago it did not list unfavarable but rather it was left blank under agency determination. It did say to contact and there was a yes in the issue box. I was terminated from the process due to suitability issues from failing polygraph. I found it weird that they would list it on OPM CVS since they never even conducted a background on me such as, interviewing references and employments for character.

Mine is blank under adjudication and I have been renewed all three times. I wouldn’t put too much weight on that field in the FOIA request.