Options after clearance discontinued?

What options are available for people that have their clearance application discontinued, presumably because of their employer? Is there anyway at all to get another employer to take advantage of the half done clearance process for a position elsewhere or is it inevitable that all the months of labor and money dedicated to the clearance have now been just wasted for nothing?

Unfortunately I don’t think there are any such options for people in this situation. The only bright side is that if you do get another offer for a cleared job, the investigation phase may go a little more quickly if they can reuse whatever work may have already been completed.

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The question of whether the investigation work can be reused is the biggie, but so far the few private contracting companies I’ve reached out to have all dodged the question of whether they can use parts of a discontinued federal investigation. It might be a different story for federal agency to another federal agency though. For what it’s worth, I’m sending a letter to a senator about the situation too.

The private companies do not make the decision whether or not portions of a previous investigation can be used for a new investigation. The gaining agency, timing, and the investigation product factor into the use of old material for a new investigation.



You’re better off using that energy toward a new job application.

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Because that’s what you’re supposed to do as a tax paying citizen when you’re concerned about how your government is choosing to spend its money. Starting a security clearance background investigation is a hefty investment of money that should not be discarded lightly. If an agency is making a habit out of spending years of resources on a clearance process just to cancel and restart the process from scratch a year later because they had to temporarily cut a position, then someone needs to be made aware of that. It only takes a few minutes to write a letter or make a phone call and if more people bothered to do so when they have a complaint perhaps less people would complain about it being a waste of effort.

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A lot can happen in a year.