Passed NSA FS Poly, awaiting adjudication but dropped from consideration, am i in Limbo

Hey there,

my kid was going through process for student COOP program, successfully passed FS Poly (Aug '20) and BI was completed (to his knowledge), and has been awaiting adjudication. Its been a good 1 1/2 year I believe since beginning and Covid delays etc. He was recently dropped from consideration due to GPA falling below requirement for student program.

Is all the work on his BI and successful poly in Limbo/Loss?

He was advised that processing would halt, is it possible for other agencies/contractors to see his Poly in Jpas etc and “Pick Up” where they left off or will he have to restart the entire process? Hope if he were to get a chance with entry level position at NSA they would be able to pick up, unsure if lucky enough to apply to others agencies etc.


My understanding is that if they remove a candidate from consideration before adjudication has been made, then they will stop the clearance process. This is a broad-strokes general understanding on my part and different agencies may do things differently.

Given that your son’s investigation went pretty far, the NSA may decide it’s in their best interest to find another opening for him rather than to let all of that leg work “go to waste”. This is pure speculation, however.

If he applies for another cleared position requiring a polygraph, then I believe the sponsoring agency could potentially opt to accept the results instead of requiring a re-test. Though, based on what I have read here, I wouldn’t get my hopes up on that as different agencies tend to want to do things their own way.

So, in short, I think the answer to your question is “possibly”.

Figured chances are very low, its a shame to have to start from the start again but will see how things go. Thx

Nobody will be able to see it unless they are internal.