Perspecta layoffs

I hope the people laid off will find something fast. It’s sad they did not warn people before letting them go. My friend said they contacted her on Friday while she was on vacation

That is awful. I wonder if the people let go were also the highest paid Investigators?

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I would say yes, but that’s just my opinion. If work doesn’t pick back up within the next couple of months then another round of layoffs wouldn’t surprise me. From what I understand, NBIB isn’t releasing work to the prime contracting companies for some reason (my guess is that it’s something to do with the merger) I was supposed to go TDY to a couple of different locations but all of a sudden the trips were cancelled last minute because work wasn’t available in those areas

So ironic…Keypoint Hiring Blitz

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Saw it coming when investigations that were submitted in Aug were being worked in September.

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High producers = more pay. Cut them first and leave the new people making less money.

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I would say yes. Better to keep the lower paid individuals.

Agreed. I see their ads on LinkedIn all the time.

@sideshowbob well another lost for TDY came out 2 days ago and we will see if I still go TDY or stay home. Where were you going?

@JusLook no people were not released due to their salary. Some people you got laid off has been there for a minute. So they let level 1 and up go.

“No people were not released due to their salary.” Can you please restate in plain English?

It never ceases to amaze me how many ROIs I read that appear to be written by someone who is illiterate.

Government is projected to run out of money by early September, so it seems that the case reduction will continue until at least October.

Should be a fun rest of the year

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SCIS is actually hiring. We’ve been assured no layoffs will happen.


We’ve been assured no layoffs will happen

Yeah…GDIT said the same thing. I’m sure Perspecta probably did too.


We were told no more are expected, but anyone who’s been through a round of layoffs knows how that goes

@Gracie is absolutely right - SCIS is hiring both new and experienced investigators, along with numerous other positions within the SCIS Investigations program (their case review department, human resources, case assignment…).

It’s completely understandable to be doubting companies in the industry since there are multiple vendors saying one thing to their employees and then turning around and doing the complete opposite. But SCIS just acquired some of MSM’s investigations contracts, so they’re definitely growing and they have federal background investigation contracts beyond solely OPM/NBIB. That means they’re able to be giving investigators opportunities to leverage/expand their industry experience working on other contracts (unlike what’s happening at some of the other vendors).

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Isn’t this slowdown just going to lead to another backlog?

So one company let’s the investigators go. Then another one picks them up. I don’t get it.


Could be the one company is on a contract that’s cutting back while the other one is growing. I also wonder if they are hoping to get more work once all this DSCA-NBIB-NBIS hoopla settles down, then try to call some people back. And @Duetooversight makes an interesting point about the effect that “Continuous Evaluation” will have on all of this but I don’t see that happening anytime soon, not with the current backlog.