Pmr meetings with the client

Does anyone know when the different vendors have their pmr with the client this week?

Someone mentioned 11/18/19 for CACI, SCIS is sometime this week.

CACI 8 November time unknown

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Hmm, did not know scis had theirs this week.
Wonder if they have been holding off on getting or CAC card scheduling done until after the meeting . also wonder if I should be looking for a big box to ship back my scis printer after the meeting.

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I am wondering the same.

I think normally companies let investigators just keep the printer because it’s not worth the cost to ship back, at least with Perspecta that’s how it is

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Perspecta and GDIT (and USIS) let us keep the MFD.

Gdit gave up the contract after the last pmr. I assume this week will be make or break for the contract.

I’ve been with GDIT and Keypoint and they both let me keep the printer.

I read 11/8 so this coming Friday,

Not sure. I may have been issued a USIS printer back in 2008 but I physically delivered my equipment to their field office when I quit. Key point , ISN and omni never got one. I think CACI sent me one back when they switched over to part time FI. And I did have to ship that one back.

Not at CACI, in fact a email was sent out last week with special instructions telling people they should of kept the box and how to ship it back if they leave the company.

That is not a good sign.

Wow. My printer with kgs was old so I understood why they didn’t want it back. I thought gdit would ask for theirs back since it was brand new but nope.

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@TESI, keep in mind that the printers are company assets (depending on age and availability to store and reassign asset) and as such most companies would require them back just for asset accountability reasons unless its a USIS or GDIT leaving the contract with no future use for them. In which case they could be written off, but not a smart business practice of a company still in the BI game. So I do not find it surprising that CACI provided that info out to us. It sounds more like a heads up in case type of communication from them.

GDIT didn’t want my monster of a printer back, neither did USIS.

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If they are giving up contracts, they aren’t going to want printers back. It would cost them more money than the printers are worth. If they were worried about “assets”, they would require everyone to send back all the office supplies they bought as well. By this Friday, I think we will all have our answer as to where the contract stands.

I didn’t get this email

I’m probably missing something but…the very last thing I’m worried about right now is returning the printer.


Exactly. Many BI’s currently don’t know how they will pay their rent or mortgage for the month of November yet many are hoping they get to keep their printer so they can sell it at a pawn shop for $50.00 to buy some groceries.