Pmr meetings with the client

Well, I guess I kicked it off with my comment. I believe that all of us are exhausting our savings or scraping by at the moment. I don’t know what is going to come of the meetings but I am a pragmatist. I don’t envision any substantial changes where we all are able to pick right back up with work. I hope I am wrong. I am just ready for the finality of it. The situation has been FUBAR for too long without any info coming to us grunts.
If we keep the printers (I don’t really care) then great that means that is one less thing I have to manifest and ship back.

So to everyone, here is hoping for the best but getting ready for the worst.


I can only imagine taking my anger out on the printer like they did in the movie office space.


Love the FUBAR reference…from Saving Private Ryan

CACI’s meeting with the PMR is set for this Thursday. We have an “ important” All Hands Call Friday.

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The PMR call is on Friday the 8th and the all hands call is at 3pm on the same day.


I believe the PMR call for CACI is Thursday. The All Hands Call is the following day at 3 EST. I’m sure they have a plan in place for whatever news they receive, already.

Does anyone know when perspecta’s and scis’ are?

Who is planning on going to the ACBI conference next week? I know many BIs can’t afford to go now and if CACI drops the contract I can see the conference being a dud. Hopefully DCSA will be able to provide some real answers there. If not it could get real awkward.

Perspecta’s PMR is Today, SCIS is Thursday and CACI is Friday from what has been stated here past few days.

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I’m going. Hopefully we can get a better idea of what’s going on


There is no way the PMR meeting is Friday and the All Hands is also on Friday. On past all Hands calls, we were told that they would have information for us on 11/08. There was never any indication that the meeting was also occurring on the 8th. The meeting is occurring earlier in the week, so that the head honchos have time to get their ducks in a row before the all hands call. Also, I find it hard to believe that a meeting like this would occur on “Federal Friday.”


Cacis meeting is tomorrow.

I am going to guess that SCIS and CACI have the meeting on the same day.

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Scis’ was today and from what I heard, nothing new came out other than forced leave time due to low work

It was not today. SCIS has theirs tomorrow

I confirm that. There was communication about forced paid leave. They expect to learn more “this week” during PMR.

The meetings are on Friday the 8th people. Scis released info prior to the meeting for some reason. Can’t tell what any of these contractors are up to.

So you make a good point…order some ink before Friday. LoL


I wish I would have done that :rofl:

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Every vendor I have been with has issued instructions to keep the box. After a couple years, they have all said just keep the printer. The price to ship the printer back and then to a new FI just isn’t worth it.

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