Poly Lack Of Candor (Denial??)

Hi there,

I recently had to take a poly for my brand new job (first time ever in this type of enviornment). During the first poly ( 1 week after starting my job) I was asked about something and I had a concern about using a tool and i brought this up. When directly asked if i put something on there my answer was no… my thought /hope was i wasn’t dumb enough to put this specific piece of info on there. On my first day I recorded job info in this tool. I brought the tool up in the poly because it was on my mind but I really wasn’t sure if I had anything unallowed on there and or if this tool in general was allowed. The results of the first one was inconclusive since I showed some reactions but I also didn’t fail. After the poly I talked to security who informed me what could and could not be on the tool. As soon as I accessed the tool and realized what was on the tool i deleted it, reported it, and rectified the situation. At the next poly i informed the gentleman of the incident. I then proceeded to I believe pass all the questions. Afterwards he wrote up a report and He explained to me that this incident and my handling could be viewed as a lack of candor since i didnt report to it the first time and during the first time i showed a reaction in regards to this question. The first time i really wasnt sure however and i was stressed/ nerved at the process and my instinct when I got the question was to say no because I didnt think I did anything wrong. The incident without getting in to detail is something I believe is very minor and besides this I have no other concerns. However my concern now is I will probably get denied because of this one incident and it potentially showing a lack of candor. So I guess the question is do I need to polish up the resume…?

It’s a mind game. I don’t know what you mean by tool but this sounds so inconsequential.

If your use of this “tool” didn’t cause any real concern when you reported it, I doubt you will have much of a problem.

You should have the opportunity to respond to anything negative and your mitigation for the supposed lack of candor is that you weren’t sure if there was an issue. You left the poly, resolved and self-reported the issue.

I incorrectly stored a password. I mentioned in the first interview that I was using a tool for storing pws but my concern was that in storing pws on there could potentially provide info at how I generate/create pws. At the time of the first test i didnt think I had put specific pws on there and when asked about if I had stored certain pws on this tool I wondered/ worried if they were on there. But i didn’t think i was stupid enough to do such a thing. Immediately afterwards when i checked and realized i did i rectified the situation with security and they had no concern other than to make sure I was certain on how to handle pws. At the next test i immediately reported the situation and my actions to resolve ot… My concern however is that the investigator i believe thinks that i withheld the information when he asked about it during the first test. He cited that my lack of candor could be viewed above all else and affect my eligibility.

It doesn’t matter much what your poly operator or your investigator think. No offense to all of the investigators and poly operators who may be here.

Their job is to gather information to be looked at by an adjudicator. I think that an adjudicator will understand your nerves and indecision during the first exam and take that into account.

No offense here. My job is to gather all of the information, good or bad, for the adjudicator.

I don’t let myself get personally attached to any of my cases or the specific issues.