Possible Changes for NBIB/DCSA Contractor

It is a rumor and we certainly don’t wish any of us to experience the adverse results of being released. But it could also solve the current perceived difficulty DCSA may be having with still too many vendors & a glut of investigators active on the contract based on current ‘post backlog mitigation’ caseload status and corresponding future of less work.

This is not true. It doesn’t make sense, stop work orders are at the end of the process of a company going down. Perspecta is doing well. There is no reason for DCSA to do this. Why would the cut the largest contract? They need contractors. Perspecta holds the largest part of the contract. Stop spreading lies, where is the validity of this rumor?

This rumor is completely false and was started by another vendor. Perspecta was competing for the new PIPS project, which they did not get. It has nothing to with the investigation side.

You would have to share your source. This is simply not true. Thank you.

There were rumors GDIT was getting cut and they turned out to be true. Not saying Perspecta is or isn’t, but things can happen. If you know something, let us know.


I agree, it’s better to be informed rather than be blindsided.

I was working at CSRA/GDIT for almost 2 years in the PMO doing IA and I was part of the first phase of layoffs.

I had been hearing rumors, just like this, since November 2018 but didn’t pay them much attention until early 2019 when my supervisor kept dropping hints and then other department heads were talking about it as well. By this time I was already actively looking for other jobs inside GDIT and outside the company.

Then I was given notice that I would be layed off, along with about a dozen other people from various departments. We were given two weeks notice.

Most people were surprised, but the people in IA and Security were aware of the rumors for months. All the signs were there but some people were too comfortable to notice.

I felt the most for the investigators. They do so much work, are constantly hounded to produce more and are not kept in the loop about anything. I talked to a few investigators I trained and they said they had no idea. Some of the Field Managers I talked to told me that they were aware but were told not to tell anyone. Most of the department heads I talked to knew for months.

Then more terminations came in phases. The reasons for termination were performance, IA complaints, not enough work to go around, etc. Then my old coworkers told me that they were given notice that everyone on the contract will be laid off.

My advice is to listen to all the rumors, try and get the facts and pay attention to the patterns.

Are there issues that you’re hearing about from multiple sources/message boards?
Have you noticed a decline in work?
Management changes?

Sometimes a rumor is just that, a rumor.
Sometimes there is merit to it. Don’t dismiss it because you dont want it to be true.


This is a valid rumor and could turn in to something or get resolved. PERSPECTA doesn’t hold the gauntlet. If this happens. CACI and SCIS will quickly grow…


It is just a rumor. Sometimes they turn out to be true…or not.

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Interesting, I haven’t heard anything about a stop work order as I’m currently working today. Wish I hadn’t done that because If I had known there was a stop work order I wouldn’t have even put on pants today


I’m not buying this rumor. However I do know that Perspecta is subject of 2 Class Action lawsuits the newest is forcing FIs to work without being paid for those hours. The other suit is over contractors.

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I’d be open to all rumors. I heard GDIT deny rumors even while the RIFs were going on …all the way until annoucing they were dropping the contract as a whole and giving left over work back to the gov’t… I lasted all the way to the end, down with the ship in what now seems like I just followed a trail of company lies… Time will tell


Yeah hopefully it’s just a “rumor”, seems like a waste of money for them to ship everyone their DCSA badge and creds last week if there was a stop work order about to happen. Work has seemed to pick back up in my area and I’ve got quite the caseload right now in addition to be credentialed for 4 other contracts

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What contracts does Perspecta have besides DCSA, Unicycle, CBP, and ICE?

There’s one for the Federal reserve aside from the ones you listed

Certainly would have been a big waste to ship credentials if there was going to be a major switch to the prime contractors.

Nothing would surprise me in this BI industry. It makes a lot of sense that DCSA would want to mix things up and choose a few DOD contractors of their own choosing than these NBIB vendors chosen by NBIB. And the conflict of interest appears to seem legit if Perspecta is creating the new “PIPS” program for case management and the entire DOD database and they are also big time players on the BI Field Work Program.

If this news or rumor ends up being true, someone told me it will be like kicking a giant ant hill.

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Just FYI, I’ll be throwing in my .2c for a variety of these topics/concerns:

My intel indicates that CBP & ICE opted out of the CE process, as they want face to face interviews still for PRI’s/ReInv. (No indication of reductions in ReInv).

I only do CBP/ICE and I’m turning away work as there’s so much.

This is just for s…& giggles:

Former KGS/P, IT told me they have been approved and have been field testing new technology for FI’s (think tablets and instant upload of work). Invested lots of $$ and time and already approved by the customer. Kind of an indication they aren’t going anywhere maybe?

Hope this helps anyone.


I certainly hope they don’t try and give us tablets to do work on, chances are the tablets would be just as slow and clunky as the laptops we have to use. Can’t think of any good use a tablet would be, I definitely wouldn’t want to use one for taking notes

My intel tells me tablets would not be used for anything extensive like the SI. Think NRef, Law Rec, etc.

They will have Check boxes and pull downs with pre filled text. No writing if any

It will also alleviate proving you’re location/date/validity of notes and may reduce note retention. The tablet will have real-time gps date/time/location stamp.

You can then upload report before getting back in your car.

That’s what I’m told anyway.


That will be interesting going into locations that don’t allow phones/tablets.

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