Possible rescinded Tentative Offer

Received tenatative offer on Friday…Completed OF306 dislcosing felony assault conviction from 15 years ago. Get a call 20 minutes later advising based on information from the disclosure of my conviction, they will reach out to hiring manager to see if they want to proceed. I find it odd as when I was employed as a contractor before and granted public trust, I was at least given the opportunity to explain to personel security…which I was evenatually favorably adjudicated in 2012.

In any event the HR Specialist said she will let me know on Monday. On other thing I should mention is that it’s for a administrative assistant position in the OIG office for FDA. Luckily, I have 2 more offers on the table that is not in such an intense office like the OIG… I doubt the hiring manager will want to proceed even after all the praises he gave me. This will definitely taint the situation. Furthermore, if they proceed, it will be awkward working with her since she knows.

Any thoughts? Trying to stay optimistic!