Possible Shut Down?

As we are all familiar with the new guidance regarding Covid 19, what happens if there is a government mandatory shut down? Are we essential employees?

I have been working as usual, under the guidance and have numerous face to face subject interviews set up in the next few working days.

But, I do foresee a possible state or federal shut down, leaving only banks, pharmacies and grocery stores open.

I have been so stressed out with my low statistics this month that I am just risking it by doing face to face interviews. I am immuno compromised (asthma and autoimmune disease which my medicine lowers immune system). I have been conducting business as usual and even had one business literally chase me out with a can of lysol as I stood 6 feet away from them.

So, saying that, how are you guys going to proceed with in person interviews if there is a shut down?

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The reopens “please explain why you were not able to talk to the subjects supervisor”. “Supervisor was in quarantine by government order and investigator was not permitted to enter premises.”


“Subject stated that his supervisor is currently hospitalized at the Fake City Regional Medical Center for COVID-19 symptoms. An in person attempt is needed to obtain the supervisor”


Oh, I mean with T5 subject interviews? Is everyone going forward even during city mandated shut ins?

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I have no in-person interviews scheduled at all. My last in-person meetings were on 3/18.

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I’ve got a case where a subject is in the middle of her window to provide any financial docs she wants to. She’s mil and does not have access to a fax machine. I do not have a fax machine at home. Her schedule and location are such that it’s not really feasible to meet in person. She asked “can I just take a picture of this and text it to you?” (It’s just one page.) I told her that her solution makes a ton of sense and we absolutely cannot do that.

Looking forward to she and I each driving 90 minutes to meet in a 7-11 parking lot to get her proof of payment for a $90 cell phone bill from four years ago.


(Sarcasm warning) - Check your emails. I am sure that your manager has provided specific instructions on how to handle this situation…and every other situation we are facing in the field.
Or, if they are like my manager, they just send cat pictures with every email.


I started making phone calls today. 3 of my ESI Subjects have left the area with no intention of returning. The others are currently out of my area on telework. I’m left with all the records & sources. Also, Governor of Louisiana just officially put us all on stay at home orders. VTC would be so handy right now.

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Same position here. I have 2 T5 interviews on standby, hopeful for VTC. Has anyone heard if this technology is really going to happen for contractors?

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Many in person items assigned as well. I’m holding off as long as possible on these. I’ll continue to work what I can by phone (Sources and records). There are currently no locations to conduct interviews in my areas. We were given guidance that subject interviews CAN be conducted at the Subject’s residence as a LAST resort - but I think I will pass on that for now, too. Hopefully some further guidance this week.

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Same. I am absolutely not willing to conduct them at a subject’s house.


Unfortunately, we are required by the companies who employ us.

Neither am I. I Since we are forbidden from “carrying” while working, and I am going to go to a Subject’s residence and discuss serious issues on “his/her” territory? Nah, I’ll pass!

It will be interesting to see how things play out in the weeks to come. If cases aren’t getting worked, then there isn’t any money being made. And if there isn’t any money being made, then layoffs aren’t far behind.

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If they would just come on with the VTC already. I’ve lost much needed income since Friday.

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