Post service question

Was honorably discharged 14 years ago with TS SCI. Need to find the rules that govern veterans who once had SCI. Am working on an invention and am considering investors some of whom are foreign. And am working on a non-profit idea (not yet incorporated) and am considering accepting donations from some foreign and US donors who would like to see it get off the ground. I found the tax regs that require me to declare such foreign gifts if they are over a certain amount. But I need to make sure that I’m not subject to some further rules based on the SCI. Any help or reference to an expert would be hugely useful.

Though you no longer have an active clearance, whatever classified information you did have access to previously must be protected and not disclosed to unauthorized persons. If your invention has nothing to do with your previous SCI access and is not currently classified, then you have to make sure it does not fall into any of the ITAR, EAR, or other export controls items prohibited for export to foreign entities. Best place to go is the State Department’s site at: