PR changed from “Adjudication Status Review” to “Case”

My PR with the Chantilly agency began in earnest November, 2018. It was assigned to the short pile and an actual Adjudicator August of 2019. I received notice that it has moved to “case” as of this past Friday (3/20/2020).

I’ve never heard that status before, but my FSO says this is the last stage before a new BI date is assigned and my PR is approved. Is that the case?

I don’t have any info to offer, just want to comment that it is extremely rare that anyone gets that much insight into the adjudication stage! Maybe this FSO has a good relationship with the customer.

Right? LOL! This is an ongoing thing and the FSO
has been keeping me well within the loop and there is a program at work waiting to transfer me, so there are a few parties involved.