Public Records Check Question

Hey everyone,

I just got a CJO from a job that require TS/SCI. I filled out an SF86 and was curious about the public records check. I read online public records check is

“12. Public Records : (Standard A, B and C) : Verification of divorces, bankruptcies and other civil and criminal court actions as part of an initial investigation or since the date of the last reinvestigation”

What exactly do they check here? I didn’t put on my sf86 my fishing licence or legal firearm licence. When I think of public records I think of court, so I didn’t put these licences. I want to make sure I didn’t blow my chances of getting this job over something stupid.

If anyone can help me explain what exactly is public records check and local agency check? They seem similar. I also have a clean background so this question is purely to learn more about the process since I never worked in the gov’t. Thank you all!

The licenses aren’t an issue. It’s just a review of civil court records like they listed there. You’re fine.

Also, if you did have something that you realize you should have listed but didn’t just mention it to the investigator. Most of the time it’s not a huge deal as long as you are honest and come forward with it. They’ll want to know why you didn’t list it and may ask you some more questions about whatever it is but usually it’s not a big deal. As long as you’re honest and admit it up front instead of waiting for them to find out and have to ask about it.

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