Public Trust Contract job - Should I declare expunged minor misdemeanor?

This is for a contract job that needs Public trust clearance. Filling Form OF 306.

Had a Minor misdemeanor in 2015 when I was 21 years old in college but the misdemeanor was expunged on 2016. ( used a lawyer and have proof from him of expungement). Should I declare this? The form clearly says to omit if the record is expunged. Appreciate your suggestions. Thank you

I think you answered your own question here. These forms are not trying to trick you. If the instructions clearly say to omit if expunged, then omit if it expunged.

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I might have answered wrong on mine, I thought the “ever” queation was talking about convictions. I have been arrested but not convicted, it was dismissed because my boyfriend was scaring me and I called the cops but they arrested me because he said that a scratch on his arm was from me attacking him. Luckily he grew a conscience and they dismissed it. Did I mess up?