Public Trust Mitigating Factors?


I was hoping to get some insight from others here. I’m currently a healthcare worker at a facility in a Public Trust position. I’ve been working here roughly 20 months and was recently called to interview. I was upfront and honest about everything, here is my history. Please don’t judge

2016 was diagnosed with cancer, surgery went well and I’m still healthy. I start getting extremely depressed and ultimately divert (steal) narcotics from my hospital. This goes on roughly 2-3 months and the quantity is small. I self report and ask for help, go through a 2 year confidential IOP treatment program and finish without any trouble and never look back

2020, made the mistake of getting a DUI. Never been a heavy drinker but nonetheless I could have seriously hurt someone. I went on probation and did the classes and eventually had it dismissed followed by a complete expungement a year after that.

I explained all of this to the Investigator and provided every piece of paper showing I successfully completed my rehab, and had my DUI expunged. I have no other flags, no financial issues, etc. I walked away from that feeling sick to my stomach and had to take the day off. On paper it looks like I’m not trustworthy and a terrible person, but I promise I’m not.

I’m just curious, how would an adjudicator look at a file like this? I love my job and have never had any issues. I provided at much mitigating information as I could and left nothing out.

Thank you for your time