Publishing, podcasting and staying out of trouble?

What are my prior restraints on publishing? I’m going to be streaming and podcasting a tabletop RPG (similar to Dungeons and Dragons), and possibly trying to publish an adventure or setting guide in the future.

I haven’t found anything that jumped out at me in the Classified Information NDA, and I’m sitting on an interim secret but haven’t been read into any programs yet. I don’t think my upcoming position will require a TS, SCI, or SAP.

(I’d be writing SciFi or Fantasy so nothing remotely close to any classified data I’d be working with.)

I don’t see where you would have a problem. Don’t use your job or your clearance as part of your professional bio. In other words, don’t open your podcast with "Mike D. is a 10 year IT professional with access to DoD secrets that he uses to enhance your gaming experience . . . "

Not that I thought that you would . . .

I work as a tax preparer, for my father, and as a wedding photography. While the company that I work for sometimes comes up in conversation, I never discuss what I work on or the fact that I have a clearance. I have shot weddings for some couples with VERY high access and VERY big mouths . . . but, I don’t even react . . .

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Shotgun weddings? Oh darn I have to make sure there are 20 characters.

I have photographed plenty of “shotgun” weddings . . . But, I don’t recall actually seeing the gun . . .

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