Put on hold for B.I. Job


@Notaverage306 Thank you for the heads up. I looked and they don’t have any listings for new investigators in Utah. I’ve heard they treat their staff really well. Out of curiosity how difficult is the new investigator training and final test?


Thanks will do. Just want to get to work. Have this Top Secret clearance and put on hold.


CSRA does not have positions west of the Mississippi but there subcontractor ISN should (CSRA does all the training for ISN). Honestly, If you take the training seriously and are engaged in the learning process you should not have any issues with the final test. Good Luck!


I do believe CSRA is using Modis to recruit for them. I was recruited through Modis and was told they are looking for cleared individuals.


@Notaverage306 It looks like ISN is recruiting in Utah but for experienced BI’s only. What’s the probability they would take a noob? Also, what are the general metrics (time in position, # of investigations completed, hours worked, etc…) to be considered an experienced BI? I have 25 years in law enforcement, but that skill set doesn’t appear to be remotely relevant to employers, or is it? Lastly, how much do your pay, workload, and collateral duties increase once you transition from a new investigator to “experienced”? Thank you.


Don’t have any firsthand knowledge of ISN or CSRA. However, you’d be better off hanging tight and waiting for SCIS BI class than to even consider Keypoint as a viable option. You would have more self esteem collecting welfare than working for Keypoint.


@bringingtheagame hahahaha I hear you there. Does it seem probable that SCIS will eventually pick us up or do you think we have been (or will be scraped) due to the fact the conditional offer was made in April of this year?


Although I can’t speak to why the new investigator training was put on hold, they definitely have not lost the contact. I think you’re pretty safe to think you’ll eventually be given a start date, once some kinks get worked out. They’ve invested quite a bit of money in you so far.


@Former911 Thank you for the response and the hope this should sort itself out quickly.


No problem! I went through one of the first training classes this year for new investigators and have been in the field for a few months now. Granted I don’t have experience with the other vendors, SCIS has been wonderful to work for! They’ve communicated the desire and need to onboard hundreds of new investigators over the next year or so, nationwide. It has been an easy transition from the public sector/local law enforcement world, but definitely different than what I was used to. The biggest thing I can stress is to build relationships with the people you go to class with, so you can continue to chat with them and bounce ideas and questions off of each other as you navigate the field on your own.


I have been around for a while with multiple companies. I worked with a few of the SCIS guys back at USIS, and don’t particularly hold a high opinion of them. I really liked CACI, back in the day… They have gone downhill in the last few years a lot of the people who I trusted there are now gone, most of them ended up at CSRA, which is where I went. They had a few start up issues as would be normally expected getting into this business. I think given they have been on the program for 6 months and are already have in place what took other companies 10 + years to even consider putting in place. Needless to say I’m happy with my decision. When I was deciding on leaving CACI I even reached out to the PM or DPM, “Tony at CSRA”, which a few of my colleagues had referred me to do so. He took the time to answer my questions and I really liked what he said. He understood my concerns and I actually see what he said happening so I know it wasn’t a bait and switch, which I have seen at other places. He even reached out to me after me coming onboard to see how I was doing, which no other company has done. All in all everyone has their own opinion and not every company is a fit for everyone, but I really enjoy CSRA and I recommend my fellow colleagues to give them a try.


CACI is actively hiring. If you have already gone through the OPM investigation and received approval to start, they have two classes starting in October.


for those that are with SCIS, how much pay are they offering you? i am looking around and trying to see the pay for each


I checked and CSRA is running training classes every month. Also for the pay they base everything on location and years of service on the contract in accordance to OPM’s wage determination, which is the government’s wage ranges for the background investigator position. I did not know this off hand but I asked and was told.


SCIS pays Level 1 BI’s $39,000/year + an additional $4.27/hour for health and welfare benefits. What other salaries have you researched?


I’m with the wrong vendor, I’ve been promoted twice and I still only make $36,000 a year.


Dont jump ship just yet. I also am at same wages. But i was also told i would start training oct 9th. But mow told a lot of us are on holf for an undetermined amount of time. A lot of promises but no substance yet.


@Excop1957 If this thing ever comes to fruition we should have a good time at NIT. Not sure if you saw one of my other posts, but people from both CACI and KGI say thy’re actively recruiting. With a completed SSBI under the belt new hires should be in training one month from when they apply. Apparently one does two training sessions/month and the other monthly NIT sessions.


At ISN we are are partnered with CSRA to handle the work west of the Mississippi. We are hiring. Our NIT classes are moving forward as planned. Both CSRA and ISN are great companies to work for. Just ask those who have made the switch…


Thank you for the response @Brian_Slagowski. I looked online a week ago and there weren’t any listings for Utah. Could I trouble you for the website and starting wage info? Also, is their NIT two weeks long or three? Thank you!