Question 21 and the FAA/DOT

Has a court or administrative agency EVER ordered you to consult with a mental health professional (for example, a psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, etc.)? (An order to a military member by a superior officer is not within the scope of this question, and therefore would not require an affirmative response. An order by a military court would be within the scope of the question and would require an affirmative response.)

tl;dr; I had to see several mental health professionals to get an FAA medical certificate. Their evaluations were requested by mail after I had an FAA medical exam.

Is this reportable on an SF-86/e-QIP? I don’t know if FAA Aerospace Medical Certification Division counts as an administrative agency, nor do I know if this is truly considered “ordered” (not following up would have resulted in a denial of an initial FAA medical certificate, but no loss of liberty or life otherwise)

I could imagine this situation may also be similar if someone required a medical certificate from the DOT for commercial driving, for example.

If I understand your question correctly, what you had done was standard procedural evaluation for your position that would be asked of any applicant and was not a result of your behavior, performance, medications, diagnosis, or anything else that would be specific to you alone, is that correct? If that is correct, then it would not need to be listed.