Question about 85P Sec. 21.2

I am a software engineer looking to apply for generic software engineer positions with the federal government, the majority of which are ‘Public Trust’ positions requiring form 85P, and my question is related to form 85P Section 21.2, which reads

“In the last seven (7) years, have you been involved in the illegal purchase, manufacture, cultivation, trafficking, production, transfer, shipping, receiving, handling or sale of any drug or controlled substance?”

I have a special case in that my work history shows I worked for a competitor of this company. That is, I was a software engineer for a point-of-sale software-as-a-service marketed towards state-licensed marijuana dispensaries. I built API and frontend applications and general software development duties. I was a normal W2 professional, paid my taxes, etc., and was only ever paid by the software company (never the dispensaries). I handled no money, no product, never went to a dispensary, never talked to a dispensary owner or customer, arranged no shipments, etc. I just built the tools. Would this sort of position be considered disqualifying for public trust work in the future?

This is going to be a tough one as you are in a spot where the law has not caught up to the culture.

I do not believe your scenario would be disqualifying but Im not sure if you need to answer yes to this question or not. Hopefully others will chime in.

Sorry, it appears that the URL to the company in the original post was filtered; company name is mjplatform followed by the normal dot and then com.