Question about Question 21 "Psychological Conditions" PF-86?

In 1994 I voluntarily entered into a residential psychiatric facility for several weeks due to severe depression (no drugs/alcohol/sex/credit/etc issues) resulting from a very protracted divorce. I’ve been offered a job today that requires that I be able to “… obtain and maintain a fully adjudicated security clearance…”.

I’ve never had an issue with a “typical” job background check, but this Secret Clearance is new to me. I’ve read that “Psychological Conditions” could be a disqualifier for my obtaining a Secret Clearance. Can anyone provide me any insight into whether or not I will be able to obtain a Secret Clearance due to my hospitalization 26 years ago ?

Thanks in advance for all those who reply !

I don’t think it would be an issue at all. The last time I filled out an SF-86/eQIP as I recall the mental health questions were focused on current conditions without much reference to the past.

Have no fears whatsoever. I salute you for seeking professional help in an emotionally devastating situation. I walked that walk and did not make clear headed decisions. I did things without thought of impact to my clearance but had to face it during routine polygraphs. You did the right thing. I sincerely hope you healed and were able to move forward to enjoy these past 30 years.

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There is a question on the SF86 that asks: Have you EVER been hospitalized for a mental health condition? So, you will have to disclose the information. If there hasn’t been any recent mental health counseling/treatment and you ended your prior treatment with the approval of your clinician, there shouldn’t be any security concern. Ultimately what matters is whether you have a condition that impairs you judgment, reliability or trustworthiness.