Question regarding arrest in 1997 and Public Trust

In 1997 I was riding in a friends car and didn’t know he head a small amount of grass hidden under his seat. He got pulled over, was on probation, the car got searched and the police found a small amount of marijuana under HIS seat. According to the police, the grass was not in either of our pockets and so I was arrested for “constructive” possession of (half the quantity of) marijuana. Went to court, the judge said “You’re not a criminal, go home and watch Disney Channel until midnight” and sentenced me to 12 hours probation. Since then (1997) I have not had so much as a parking ticket. The record is sealed, I qualify for expungement but have been told that expungement is a myth, that the record will always exist, somewhere and so have not followed through. Had the investigation, fingerprinted, etc. just never sent the checks to the state (FL).

In your opinion, would this incident exclude me from obtaining a Public Trust? Why or why not?

Thanks. Now all I have to do is find a company with an appropriate, available job willing to sponsor me. :sweat_smile: