Question regarding Section 17 and a son on an internship

I have been offered and have accepted a job with a DOE contractor, and the position requires a Level Q clearance.

My son is a full time college student, and he is in interning in Germany for 10 weeks this summer and is also taking a couple of classes at a Germany university. The internship was arranged via his university here in America, and the company where he is interning assisted with his air travel. Room and board are covered by the university. None of this involves the German government.

I will be listing his summer address, as well as his college address here in America along with his home address under the Section pertaining to Family. But should I also list his trip to Germany on the SF-86 under Section 17? Assuming that I should list it, would his trip be viewed as a red flag for any reason that could slow down the clearance process for the DOE Q?

Thank you in advance!

Section 18.3 sounds like it applies in this situation. You will have an opportunity to explain why he is living in Germany during your security interview. It is not a concern regarding granting you a clearance.

I looked at Section 18.3, but I think 18.2 is a better fit since my son is a US borne citizen.

Should I also list his internship under Section 20A.4?