A few years ago, I was canned from one of the big three after having an awful personal year and letting it get in the way of my work.

Earlier this year, I received an interest email from one of the 1099 contractors as a part-time gig. I submitted my eQIP and fingerprints. About a week and half later, my current supervisor got a phone call from a DCSA agent.

Two and half weeks later, no one else has been contacted. No record. No ex. No unemployment verifier. No social. No ESI.

Any thoughts?

Keep in mind that they may have spoken to people you are no longer in contact with… often an investigator will try to develop their own leads.

Even then, most people would give me a shout and say “hey, someone called about you.”

And then, why would the ESI not be done? We were always told to do it first, unless there was a reason not to.

Also, didn’t ask my boss for leads.

All strange, but I’ve also heard stories about this investigator too.

Strange but probably nothing. A different Investigator may have been assigned the ESI and other various tasks and is behind on other work or the one who interviewed the Sup got on it fast. Especially with the recent holiday/long weekend, you never know how peoples vacations and trying to play catch up can make your investigative timeline seem weird.