"Reading the Jury"

My SF86 was completed almost 4 weeks ago. And now, as they say; “The Jury is Out”.

I understand a provisional clearance may take as much as 4 months. But I wonder how long a denial will take? The way I see it, a summary denial based on the responses should be pretty quick to conclude. But what do I know? Maybe they haven’t even begun to process my SF86? Maybe it has to go through numerous desks before being rejected regardless? Like clerks to investigators, to adjudicators.

The only thing I’m concerned with is the use of Cannabis. I’m 59 yrs old and have consumed throughout my life, sometimes more, sometimes not at all. But I’m no stranger to it. The last time I consumed was April of this year, and that’s what I put on the form. As to my future plans, I noted; “I will no longer consume because it is not legal under federal law, and incompatible with a clearance”.

So, how long does it take to read that and rubber stamp 'DENIED" on my SF86, then get back to me with that result? If I haven’t heard after a month, should I consider that I’ve made it past the simple heuristics stage and may likely get the clearance regardless? Given, of course, that all things check out otherwise?

I’d really like to be working, I just can’t tell you. And my skills and experience will greatly benefit the project and in turn our government. Though, it’s just an ‘IT’ type position, nothing mission critical.

So, what say ye? How does one read the jury? TIA!

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There isn’t such a thing as a “rubber stamp. It goes from investigation phase to adjudication phase and 4 weeks is nothing. Once the adjudication phase is done they will make a determination. That determination will be “granted eligibility” or “intent to deny”. If they intend to deny, your Security Office will be sent a Statement of Reasons or SOR that you will have 45 days to respond to with further information they require in order to grant eligibility. If you don’t respond, it is denied, if you do respond they will either grant you eligibility or deny. If they deny after your response to the SOR you have a right to appeal before a Board not in person or appeal to a Federal Judge (DOHA) in person for a final decision. Sit back, relax, it isn’t a quick process since you admitted drug use.

Defender has the logistics laid out. Now let’s look at the issues. It doesnt matter if it is legal in your state, and you understand the federal prohibition. Normally, most agencies want 12 months minimum with no use. The older you are, they may want more time. Maybe 18 to 36 months. As laws are relaxed across the US…I tend to believe the fed mandate will shift as well. If you lived in a pot legal state all your life and legally used…then want to apply for a fed job…I can see new ways of thinking required.