Reciprocity of DoE-Q to DoD TS/SCI question


I’ve a DoE-Q that’s active and revalidated as of July 2018. But I also have a DoD TS/SSBI currently awaiting adjudication etc.

So…a cleared contractor wants to bring be onboard for a huge need right now at Pentagon. My question is: can one with a DoE-Q get reciprocity if it satisfies/okays reciprocity from Energy Dept to DOD where the current contract is? Bear in mind I have a TS/SCI under adjudication for Army Reserve appointment!

I just want to work and support my country and get out of finance (finane n Wall Street is so blah and unpatriotic)


Big fat maybe because, frankly, many agencies don’t like to honor reciprocity guidelines.


I cross over a lot of DoD. I can tell you State is very difficult and I get the run around constantly concerning their clearances. Though the law is clear, with no enforcement or sanctions…it really has no teeth. If the TS is valid, and in scope, the other agency should see it. At times the requesting company MUST be specific and tell them (repeatedly) the existing clearance may exist under “x”. At times I submit DoD crossovers, they tell me no clearance…when I tell them look in JPASS they seem surprised. So not all info is visible at all times to all parties. And not all agencies trust the adjudicator of the other agencies. They should all be using the same standards, however it is humans that interpret and rule on the information and that is where bias can sneak in.