Reciprocity with Out-of-Scope Investigation

So I’m a current military member with TS/SCI and will be leaving the services this year. My initial background investigation and adjudication was in 2015.

So normally I would be due for PR next year at the new 6 year mark, but what if I want to work in the uncleared commercial space for a couple years?

Would I still be eligible for reciprocity in 2021 since I have:

  • No break in service of more than two years
  • Most recent background investigation is less than seven years old
    and then the gaining agency would be able to immediately request a PR?

Or would I be denied reciprocity everywhere since my last investigation would be considered “out-of-scope”?

It depends on the results of the security checks that will be ran. If derogatory information comes up, then no, you will not get reciprocity.

There are other internal considerations regarding reciprocity in addition to the requirements you’ve listed.

As well, not every previous in-scope investigation is applicable to any position you are interested in.