Reinvestigation SF85P

During my first investigation I told them about my old delinquent debt. It was 2 credit cards in collections and 1 private student loan judgment. Since being hired, I’ve paid off the 2 old credit cards. I also was making small payments on the judgments over the last 5 years. I don’t have a payment plan for the student loan because the company does not allow payment plans if you have a judgment. I made voluntary payments most months during the last 5 years. I haven’t had any financial issues since being adjudicated and hired 5 years ago, other than high credit balance. All the old debts I mentioned above are slightly under the 7-year mark. Do I need to relist the old debts again in the SF85P reinvestigation? The 2 credit cards no longer show on my credit report. Also will the old judgment become a problem again for this reinvestigation?

Read the questions on the questionnaire literally. You need to report anything within the requested time periods - regardless of when the issue started.

For instance - you have a reportable debt that fell into delinquency in April 2013 but continued to be delinquent until June 20, 2013 - that falls within a seven year reporting period. The same debt paid off on June 17, 2013, would not be reported if you submitted your form today, June 18th, 2020.

The end of the issue is an important date for reporting periods.

Thank you for quick response. Will the judgment possibly affect my continued employment?

Please read the previous entry. If the “judgement” is done and everything is completed before the reporting period - don’t list. If one day of probation or fine payment or anger management falls into the reporting period - list it.

I would list it. You can put in the comments that the case requirements were completed (paid off) in XX/XX but the final action was not complete/released until xx/XX.

This shows you are not hiding the judgement and that you are aware of it.

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To my original post, would the judgment possibly affect my continued employment? If so, would me paying off the 2 credit cards and making voluntary payments on the judgments over the last 5 years be mitigating factors? As mentioned, these old debts came up in my first background investigation, I got payment plans for credit cards and paid it off. However the judgment has stilled lingered ($26K), however I was making voluntary payments most months.

That is between you and the Agency. I you told them you would have it paid off in 5 years, but didn’t - not favorable. If you are still paying down the debt as part of your plan - no issue.

Yes, paying off/down the debts can be mitigating - as long as you have a plan and stick to it.