Reinvestigation (top secret clearance)

Does it matter if my spouse and I file jointly or separate?

Taxes? No. SF-86? Yes.

I’m sorry do you mean it’s Doesnt matter if we file jointly for tax reasons?

Yeah, I can’t think of how filing taxes jointly would have any impact on your reinvestigation unless she happened to be involved in some sort of tax evasion or something that you didn’t know about and then you got caught up in it as a result of the joint return. Obviously that’s a stretch. But there are a lot of people on here who are a lot smarter than I am, so maybe someone else knows of something else. Good luck!

Oh ok, now I see what you are getting at. Haha So are you saying it’s actually better if we just file separately?

I would recommend you file in whatever manner is most financially advantageous to you and your spouse and not worry about it possibly having an impact on your reinvestigation. But I’m not a tax professional, so take it for what it’s worth :neutral_face: