Rejection Letter Coming?

Well, I think I am getting the letter. I have a door tag from Fed Ex from Northern VA.
Its been roughly 5 weeks since my poly and stuff. BI came to my job and spoke to my references roughly 8 weeks ago.

Someone give me hope and tell me it could be something other than the dreaded letter, SOR maybe? IDK or am I over reacting. I don’t think I am from everything I’ve read online so far.

I think it is. Any other time I got a Fed Ex or snail mail letter from them it was proceeded by a telephone call with a heads up it was coming. Not this time though.

And I know for sure I haven’t cleared that fast (do they even inform of clearing via Mail? I always assumed that would be a telephone call also).

Anyhow I will know what it is tomorrow when they attempt delivery.

You could sign up on FedEx’s app and then you can make sure they will deliver when you are home.

You get a nice little text and the ability to postpone delivery if needed (or I think direct to a fedex store)

Yeah I know. Ill be home tomorrow, I’m off. Ill be up all nice and hardly sleeping at all until it comes in. Feels like Christmas but in reverse lol.

Couldn’t wait until tomorrow, ran out to the Fed Ex hub to pick it up.
It wasn’t the dreaded letter need to provide more medical information.
I har to go out there. I would have been up all night like a friend waiting for the Fed Ex guy tomorrow. And because I want him to come he wouldn’t get there until 7 or 8 at night.
Guess I’ll be taking a day off work to square this away.

Glad to hear it worked out. For what it’s worth I actually got my conditional offer with no preceding phone call, it just showed. So you never know what’s in those packets till you open em. Good luck :slight_smile: