Renewing SF86 for reinvestigation

When renewing the SF86, the option to use a US passport for documentation for foreign born, US naturalized relatives is not an option anymore. Although it was five years ago - the passport numbers are still there. Is a US passport not used anymore for verification of status? If so, any reason as to why?

If you are in a reinvestigation, you are, by definition, a citizen because you already have a clearance where you had to prove your citizenship. I don’t know if there are two forms though . . .

The us passport can still be used for relative verification. Not too sure why you aren’t seeing it as an option, although I know different agencies use their own front end forms for entering information (which is annoying btw) but it’s still an option on the actual document. It might just be easier to provide documentation that they request if you have it (aka naturalization information).

The documentation I was talking about is for foreign born but naturalized parents, not myself

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I didn’t notice the word “relatives” . . . Sorry . . .

There have been discussions here where a passport was NOT proof of citizenship for naturalized citizens. I believe that those discussions revolved around the applicant, not relatives but the point would remain the same.