Research Fellowship & Security Clearance

I just started the process for my Q clearance for a fellowship research position. Unfortunately, I have some concerns that I might be disqualified. When I applied, accepted, and started work for the fellowship, I was not informed that I would be going through this security clearance process. I was told about 2 weeks into the position that I was being recommended for the clearance. If I had known the intensity & scope of the background investigation for the clearance, then I might not have accepted the position. Now my concern is that I will lose this fellowship if I am disqualified.

Has anyone heard of a person losing their fellowship because of failure to get a Q clearance or any other type of clearance? If so, can you explain the situation and final outcome?

If the fellowship stipulates that a certain clearance eligibility is a requirement then yes, if you are denied eligibility you could lose the fellowship. If the clearance aspect was an add-on after the fact and not a requirement then it is a toss-up depending on what the issues are.

Thanks for the reply. The disqualification issues are specifically related to drug use throughout the 10 year investigation period. If I am disqualified for this history, do you know if I would be eligible for the Q clearance after abstaining from drug use for 12 months? Or do you think the fellowship would be rescinded due to my failure to attain the clearance after the first application.

I am also going to thoroughly read through my fellowship acceptance information for stipulations related to security clearances.

If you were not honest on the SF86 that will work against you. If the drug use in question was minor and 8 years prior but still reported it would seem mitigated by time. Think whole person concept vice one issue. Did the fellowship state as many applications do "must be able to obtain a Q clearance? If so, then yes I would expect to lose the fellowship. You will need the Q clearance to access the documents required for your fellowship. Without the clearance you cannot have access and cannot perform in the fellowship.