Retroactive Reg Applications?

In general, may new guidelines be applied to old cases to remove an applicant from processing? This seems highly counterintuitive. Can anybody clarify?

Important suitability regs were changed at my agency in July of '16. Is anyone familiar with this situation? My friend recieved her COE in Feb of '16 and began processing in March, April, and May of '16, while old regs governed. My friend then recieved a random letter from agency months later rescinding COE on basis on of NEW regs, which she was never advised of (because they were not in effect at time of her processing). What gives? Could this just be an honest HR mistake?

Cannot offer any perspective on the scant information you provided, and you/she probably weren’t given the entire story. Until you are actually appointed and sworn in an agency can rescind a job offer at any time.

Hmmm really? I don’t know about that… I assure you this is the entire story. What other information could or would be useful to you to understand the situation?

It seems fairly clear there was something amiss. Even right now, I am looking on the website and the old rega are still up and being presented to the public.

@pluralofmongoose the key point is this:

That’s the bottom line. It’s their game and they get to make up the rules as we go along.

The interesting question is what if somebody with a very similar situation to your friend started the job a week before the suitability requirements changed… would they be terminated?

But are there actually not checks? There are in every bureaucracy… Applicants are relying in good faith on the pertinent agency regulations and/or guidelines for suitability. They must be processed under the guidelines which control at that time. How does it make sense to retroactively apply new guidelines to an applicant who was never advised of such changes and was in full compliance with the governing regulations at the time?

Perhaps I should attempt to reach out to my Senator or Congressman about this?

What about reaching out to the agency inspector general?

This is a life-altering event for me as said agency is trying to DQ me for life… Please understand why I am taking this so seriously.

Are you sure it is for life? In many cases the concern is mitigated with time. But I certainly understand how it can be very, very frustrating.

I assumed it was. You think it’s not? If so, that would be awesome.