Rumors that CACI Lost DCSA Contract

Perspecta has multiple contracts. How much work are they getting from DOD and how much from DHS and other contracts? That would be nice to know.

It’s going around that SCIS is now laying off!!?

Care to share your source?

Confirmed. Small number of field and review in low work load areas.


I just reached out to a reviewer who was laid off. He confirmed that he along with others were laid off

Confirmed for SCIS - field and review in slow areas. I wouldn’t be surprised if a round 2 is coming.

Really? So the downsizing is finally happening. In which areas?

At CACI absolutely nobody has had work for 3 days now

Also confirmed- SCIS sent a mass email today stating they laid off 5% of staff.

Dod is the largest gov agency. Guaranteed they are doing everything they can to keep this work in house. Won’t be surprised if they look at military personnel leaving service to transition into dcsa positions. Dod never liked when USIS privatized. Now that the ball is back with them, I feel the ship is sinking on contractors. I think it’s a bold face lie for upper management to say they don’t know what is happening. They are either lying, or panicking. Probably both…


Just an update - nobody (and I mean nobody, not even top performers) has had a single item of work since Thursday of last week. Upper management is radio silent and SLs are still taking leave.

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Has anyone had active military duty cases in October? Has anyone heard if there is a hold on these cases? I don’t see how everyone can be put into CE, but it seems weird that in a DOD area there are absolutely no military cases being put out to the field. Just wondering if it is my area or something that everyone is noticing? Again, I think the work will pick up IF these cases start coming back…

It is amazing the level of investigator that CACI has let float for years without producing any work. I think they were still operating under the assumption that the more investigators they had on staff the more work that would come their way. But that all really changed with the new focus on DIP. Those investigators that can’t turn over cases were hurting entire orgs from getting any work. CACI should have gotten rid of those investigators long before the slow down…CACI needs to cut the fat and I think they are waiting until the PMR to do one dramatic cut (that should have been done a long time ago, but they were greedy).

It is interesting to me how hard it is to fire a person in the BI industry. They would rather float a bad investigator than to just fire that person. And if they want to fire the person, they have to put the person through enormous amounts of extra training and PIPs to try to get that investigator to work before finally letting them go. When I was at SCIS, I think my boss fired one person when there were at least 5 that needed to go badly. For some reason they just like to keep bodies around. Doesn’t make financial sense to me…but I think all these companies are realizing that now…


Not true. I have gotten work assigned Friday and Saturday. Not a ton of work, but cases have been still coming in.


Cases are still coming in and being assigned, albeit very few. However, it is still coming in. Looks like it’s just coming down to your area and tier ranking right now.

SCIS laid off 5% of their investigators yesterday and I suspect CACI will begin layoffs following the 11/8/19 meeting with DCSA. CACI is overstaffed now that the backlog is gone and will probably need to downsize unless they have already had a significant number leave. They should have been paying attention to what was going on regarding the backlog and scheduling, but it seems as though they could not resist the temptation to hire credentialed investigators from other contractors. Additionally, they were still training new hires as recently as September 24th. If you have not seen the DOD industry metrics posted on the blog on 10/16/2019; you should take a look. They show the steady decrease in the backlog from June 2018 to August 2019 and give insight into important data such as the number of cases scheduled each month. Not a pretty picture.

I have on average 1 case a day assigned. Could be a simple record or source. Burning through my well needed vacation hours fast though

I am at full capacity. Got more items today. Lots of T3 TESIs and T5 PRT cases.

That’s all well and good! But do you send the trend? That’s not going to last!

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Where in the US are you located that has that much work?


Can I have some of you work… :laughing: