SCI 5 yr review- continuing suitability due to medical condition?

I have had an SCI with DoD for 4 years. Had TS clearances in past with DOJ. I also have a lifelong psychiatric illness (bipolar/manic/depression and ADD). I was hospitalized soon after joining DoD and struggled greatly in the last few years, tried multiple medications to no avail-- the medications are cognitively disabling or make driving unsafe. Multiple accommodations from DoD have not worked out, five position changes, changes in work and supervisors, office location, working part time, teleworking… Things got worse when i recently went back full time. My performance has suffered- now “meets,” but mostly they have been being kind. If DoD reviews and now considers my illness disqualifying for suitability for the SCI, would that make me eligible for FERS disability due to inability to retain clearance-- or would i just be fired due to the disqualifying illness? I have asked to reduce the clearance level since I don’t use it but need it to sit in the SCIF space, but they refuse to. I have 28 years of federal service but too young to retire and net any benefit without an early out or FERS disability. Thanks.

This question should go to your HR folks since they are the ones that would process the action. I do know that a removal due to inability to maintain a condition of employment is one of steps HR uses in order for employees to put in for medical retirement applications.