SCIS vs CSRA. Which is better?

Yes October 5 is definitely still on.

Hey RFyke2884, I’m going to be in the 30th class too. I got my official invitation on Thursday and I was told that they would be sending out the revised offer letter today, but she must have gotten busy because I didn’t get mine yet. I didn’t get any information about the pay schedule either. Did you have to specifically ask for that, or was it on the revised offer letter?

I’ve gotten 2 emails so far stating the November 30th info. I got the second email on the 27th just the other day which had a little more information about student travel and stuff like that than the first email. The second email also requested information we verify before she gets the final things together. After I emailed her back with that, she said I should be getting another email with documents to sign soon.
After I got the first email about Nov. 30th is when I asked her about the pay.

I did ask specifically about that, yes

I was sent the “training date” e-mail for the 11/30 class as well. I have not sent my confirmation information e-mail yet as I had a few questions on logistics. When I called, the individual was helpful and seemed to know what was going on. I sincerely hope this class does not get postponed or pushed back. I have been in this process since back in June. Once I met with the investigator, the process sped up significantly. I met with him two weeks ago and now have the training start date. Let’s just hope and pray we all get to meet in December at headquarters!
If I get any information on the pay schedule, I wil let you know.

I was given an offer letter 4/10/18 from SCIS. My NBIB came and did my interview in June. I have hit the 6 month mark and really beginning to get discouraged. They cannot offer any insight on how, why, what, where…Is there still hope?

Yes!! My offer was made back in Feb and I just started training…I too did not hear anything for 6 months…

For those waiting to be cleared and placed in a class - you should be hearing from your recruiter monthly to provide you with an update on your status. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you do not.

It’s important to keep in mind that once an individual is in the process of the background investigation, there isn’t any visibility to where that person is in the process. They aren’t able to see whether or not you have even met with an investigator or not. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you do not.

As for worry of classes being cancelled, there hasn’t been a class this year (2018) that has been postponed or cancelled. There is a better chance of students dropping from classes out of fear of it being cancelled then there is of the class actually being cancelled.

I have never heard from my recruiter monthly. When I reached out to them a month ago they were completely clueless as to where I am in the process. Honestly, I don’t think they give a crap either.

I don’t have any confidence in the process and I see zero professionalism or even common courtesy. I have been in the process 5 months with no end in sight.

In the meantime, I’m turning down opportunities from headhunters seeking to fill jobs with the clearance I already have.

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I can assure you that their recruiters and this organization does care. I am very sorry to hear you haven’t heard from your recruiter monthly. I understand your frustration with the clearance process but you have to understand that the organizations do not conduct their own background investigations for clearances on their new hires. It is handled by another organization and visibility is not provided.

Contact us via our website and provide your name and request an update on your status.

I am currently a federal employee for the Bureau of Prisons. I have been waiting to get into NBIB for quite some time now and it seems almost impossible. I see there are Field Investigators available in my area for SCIS. I was wondering if I should apply in hoping to get in and stay for experience and one day be able to work for NBIB. Thoughts?

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Absolutely! Never hurts to apply and as you already have a job it can’t hurt to get in the process because you can afford to wait the half a year or more it takes for the clearance invest. It will also give you a great sense of what a position with NBIB would be like. Be forewarned though, I’m pretty certain that getting into NBIB as a SA is difficult to do unless you have veterans preference.

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Hey all,

I just received a conditional offer from SCIS for BI on the 21st of December. Signed and submitted. Havent received the responses stated in the offer. Factoring in the holidays, how long should I wait before being worried? I have two other offers on the table. Any insight?

I’m curious as to what type of equipment they provide. Can you shed any light? I figure it’ll be some sort of PC, but what sort of phones do they supply? Just a random curiosity! I should be hearing about my start date soon…

You’ll get a laptop, most likely a Dell, a multifunction printer, a Samsung or iPhone company cell phone, and a quarterly office-supply allowance to order your pens and notepads and stuff.

Awesome. I actually just heard my start date today! I’ll be in the August NIPT class. Bummed to have to wait another 2 months but at least I have the start date now! I’m working on getting my fax line set up. Hopefully they’ll give me an iPhone… that’s what I already have. Would be nice to just have two!

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I was given the option of choosing between iphone or android so I chose iphone. Definitely take the option to go with a company provided phone that way you can lock it up and forget about it when you’re not working. You’ll be given a laptop, nothing fancy. The printer they send you is actually pretty awesome, it’s huge but it can fax and scan as well. And if you quit or get fired you can keep the printer because it’s too expensive to ship back and cheaper for them to just let you keep it. That’s about it as far as equipment goes.

Oh cool that you get to keep the printer! Agh the next 8 weeks waiting for things to get started are gonna feel SO SLOW.

I already got the info for my drug test. I do have a prescription for Percocet that I occasionally use for back pain. I’m planning on taking the prescription with me just in case, to prove the opioids that may be in my system are legit lol.

Good luck with your training, the SCIS trainers I had made things fun. It’s a really good company to work for. Take a weekend and go see DC while you’re in Herndon!

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Thanks, I’m looking forward to it! I’m actually local to the DC metro area, but it’ll be fun to get down to VA. Haven’t done that yet!