Sextortion and Security Clearance


I am an 18 year old male college student. About 6 months ago I made a dumb mistake. This random girl from Facebook who lived in Australia messaged me and began flirting with me and eventually asked to video chat. I know I was being extremely stupid but at that time I didn’t think that anything serious would happen. She ended up getting a video of me naked and threatened to send it to everyone if I don’t pay her $1500. I didn’t pay her, and I ended up calling the police. The police officer took down my information and details of the situation and said he was going to file a police report on the issue. I ended up blocking the girl, and she never sent the video to the best of my knowledge. The police officer I talked to said that he was going to file a police report on this case. However, I don’t know if he did because he said he would call me a couple days later but didn’t, and this issue has never been brought up again since that day.

TLDR: Victim of sextortion. Didn’t pay, called the police. Police officer said he will file a report but not sure if he did.

My question is: In the near future, if I need a security clearance for a job,

  1. Should I mention this event on the SF86? If so, how? Is there a way to give details other than putting it as a foreign contact?
  2. Will this event show up on an investigation given that the officer may have filed a police report with me being the victim?
  3. If the event will show up during the investigation, is it bad if I don’t self-report this event and just explain the details of it if I am asked to? Or is there a specific area on the SF86 where I can detail this event?
  4. Will the fact that I was a victim of sextortion negatively impact my chances of getting a security clearance? I’m very worried about this and I would appreciate it if anyone can answer these questions. I have no other things of concern on my record.

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