SF-86. Oversharing

I am a first time applicant ever. I am wondering what is the viewpoint on oversharing under optional comments? I am going by with “when in doubt, add in the optional comments” and deal with it after. I have a tendency to overthink. What say?

One sentence if that. Be sure the info is needed. Whatever info is shared must be reviewed whether it’s needed or not. I’ve had cases that had so much oversharing it added an hour to the interview. All that detail has to be better explained or disclaimed in the report.

Occasionally that extra info leads to new info that may not have been intended but sheds light on something which needs attention.

Bottom line, be sure the info is needed. If so, keep it to one sentence. The specifics will be discussed during an interview if triggered.


in general, don’t add comments unless they reflect a possible concern such as “business closed in 4/20 and no longer has an address”…

There is no need to write a comment in every block - i commonly see “i lived with my parent’s at this address only when I wasn’t away to college” – list the college residence instead. I also cringe when i read in the residence section “this is my permanent home of record” which translates to “i am going to be mad when my background investigation takes an additional 3 to 6 months after my subject interview because I didn’t list my residences in the other states/cities and all the record searches have to be reaccomplished.”


Yes, yes! To backgdinvestigator you listen. The SF86! Remember your failure at the SF86!

for employment issues and section 19 to the end - listing comments is appropriate but follow the ABC rule. Accurate, brief, clear. I suggest trying to keep the issue/mitigating comments about issues to 50 words or less - this forces Subjects to focus on the issue and not the “side” story, 50 words is a guide.

Your SF86 comments go to the adjudicator. The comments are not the place to make your disdain for the questions and the process known. The comments should be used by the Subject to provide clarification and mitigating circumstances

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