SF85P-Assault & Battery

17 years ago, at the age of 23, I was involved in a little pushing and shoving with my at the time wife which eventually led to me being charged with Assault & Battery. I completed the SF85P today and there was a question on there about any Assault & Battery charges against a spouse, etc. no matter the age of the charge. I listed the incident, dates, charges, conviction, etc. I have not been in any trouble since then. Again, this was 17 years ago. Will my SF85P Public Trust be denied? How long do these investigations normally take?

No . . . You shouldn’t have any problem. The government is looking to screen out problems. They do not expect to find perfect people.

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Do you know how long these investigations take?

THAT is the one thing that we do not know . . . They’re all different.

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They take as long as they take.

Understandable, thanks for the insight!