SF86 illegal drug use

I’m looking over Section 23 on the SF 86 and the first question only asks about ILLEGAL use of drugs or controlled substances (in accordance with federal law only), then it proceeds to list inhalants as a category. The DEA makes it clear that while they’re terrible for you, and that states may have laws against them, there are no federal laws criminalizing their use. So my question is why are they even included in this section? No one would (or even should) ever check “yes” since they are never illegal to use under federal law and the SF 86 (in this question) only asks about illegal use.

If you read the side of the can you see that any use other than the intended purpose is illegal. Do you have a specific inhalant? Its the same thing with steroids and prescription medicine.


Yeah, that is kind of a weird one. While it isn’t using illegal drugs you were abusing inhalants. It might be best to list it and explain as it may come up during the interview.

Sniffing glue is bad.

Is it illegal to abuse inhalants in your state?

Nope. It’s one of the few that has no laws on the books about it, at least that I can find.