Social media accounts

I realize that your question may be rhetorical - however, Yes, that is what most ROIs tend to be these days. Until the government figures out what it wants to do about social media contact (or requiring a home telephone number), this is what the contracting companies (CACI, Perspecta, etc.) are told to do. My guess is that the Fed BIs aren’t required to be this ridiculous.

Yep. Common sense would say it should be restricted to prolonged personal messaging esp if sharing personally identifiable info. Online affections are a real thing. Otherwise listing getkrekt69 who’s profile says Germany because they’re in your “clan” in World of Warcraft and always likes your posts on the discord server gets ridiculous.

I’m surprised this hasn’t been clarified.

Honestly, the Fed side can be that ridiculous, just depends on which reviewer you get. I understand we want to be thorough and Subjects’ want full disclosure but the silence on this topic from policy is unfortunate, to say the least.

I’m gonna give it to them. They’re gonna sit and read in excruciating detail all about getrekt’s Exo Warlock lvl 1050, running Lucent Blade on arms and Sword Scavenger on legs with copper/white shaders, all of us hitting up Strikes and Crucible weekly, our shady exploits in the Russian Cosmodrome, that one time he saved my ass with a Nova Bomb when we were fighting Bracus Zahn and my obligations to repay the favor…

…Leroyyyyyyy Jenkins!!!

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