Someones reference 35m in bootcamp

Quick question… what if i’m someones reference that is currently in boot camp and don’t want to be, mainly because i don’t want to lie. Will they actually do background checks? Can they see if I didn’t give a good response? They haven’t called yet to conduct one, basic ends in a few weeks for them. This guy honestly has a long history of mental medical records/issues i don’t know how they even got in.

Are you saying you are the reference of a person with a long history of medical and mental issues, and they are currently in basic? I say be honest if called and answer questions truthfully. You may be a doctor, you may not be one. But if you do not have access to his medical records and aren’t authorized to discuss them, I wouldn’t try to speak to a diagnosis. But I would feel honor bound to tell the investigator what I know. Ask yourself this" “DO I want a person with these types of issues to have access to classified materials without a mental health review?” He may have had issues in the past now controlled. He may grow out of these issues.

As an additional thought, what about access to weapons and being in a stressful environment. DUring my military career I saw many soldiers with mental health issue that took up my time, to the detriment of the rest of the unit. By all means be honest and forthright, you might save a life.

And what if they follow through and do their security check like they are suppose to? That liability will be on them correct?

I would say absolutely. At times I questioned if a candidate should be cleared. We submitted them. If and when they clear, I consider it resolved in favor of the hire. The evidence was weighed…and a determination made. We can speculate all day long but not being doctors we aren’t in a really good place to make a call. In the nuclear world I have seen what appears to be very well adjusted young Airmen…get denied PRP (Personnel Reliability Program) to work in on or around nuclear missiles. All due to an interview with mental health. We never know what people have going on inside. But I echo Marko…the time invested in some of these folks takes time away from good Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Troops. 80 20 rule of 80% of your time spent on 20% of the people rings true.