SSA Contact Rep

Interviewed and offered Contact rep for SSA, says its a tier 2 non critical/moderate risk public trust. I am squeaky clean except my credit, no bankruptcies or anything but I am not sparkling either, should I even bother with SF86P? thanks ahead

Yes! Simple answer…

Be prepared and responsible. Get an in-depth copy of your credit report and list all accounts separately that have issues - collections no matter type and delinquencies. If there are financial issues where you landed in court report those either in the section the financial issue is connected to (ie, residential, education, employment, or law enforcement) or report it in the court section.

Issues don’t need repeating on the form. List once and be prepared to give all detail: what it is, account info, reason why and most importantly what has or is being done to have it repaid.

Not addressing issues will cause more concern than being transparent.

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