Stuck in Adjudication for over a year

I have been stuck in Adjudication for over a year. The good news is that my credit got much better the past year. (740)

I wonder how much longer will I be stuck in adjudication.

Is it possible my company is lying to me, and I have already been approved for a renewal?

Is it possible the back log is so bad, someone with a 2014 dwi and credit problems, has to wait extra long for adjudication?

It’s not likely that the company would lie to you. That really makes no sense.

It is certainly possible that someone with a 2014 DWI and credit problems is taking a while to be adjudicated. If you’ve been keeping your nose clean and working on the credit, the fact that you are still under consideration is likely a positive.

Adjudicators have a back log, too, and your case is only one of thousands. No news is good news.